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this island earth
 Okay. I'm a lifelong trek fan. Have been since I was a small boy watching with my dad. Some of my best memories of the two of us are watching episodes together. I took my dad to see the new tre movie last night (I had seen it but he had not). and for a short time it was like I was 10 and he was 35 again (as opposed to 41 and 66). I like the new approach and hope to have more with this crew. It had a great mix of heroism, techgeekery, granduer, sacrifice (not Next Gen sacrifice, where it all gets put back just as it was at the end, so nothing really has changed) and yes...humor. The characters all have new actors, but I still recognize them as the characters I grew up watching. The actors really understand that these are iconic characters that they are playing. They will in time make them their own, but for now they are respecting that these characters are, in many cases, more well known than THEY are. The story used time travel the way it should be. As a story hook or starting point...not as the story itself. And then JJ Abrams did the best thing he could...announced that with this movie, as far as he is concerned, Time Travel is DEAD in Trek. He used it to do the reeboot of the franchise, and now feels that it has no place as it just screws with continuity and makes for easy-cheezy 'fixes' and lets writers get lazy.

Now that you understand that I do love Trek and really thought this movie was great, what good is a Trek story if you can go and punch holes in the plot!

S P O I L E R   A L E R T  (I know it has been a few weeks, but if you want to see the film and not know what happens, read no further

Okay! So we are now on this alternate timeline. With this much different, we can logically assume that the Next Gen crew will not form as we know them. If there is no Next Gen crew, then the cannot go back in time (see? Cheesy!) to aid Zefram Cochrane in developing his warp drive. If they do not do this, he would have not finished it, as he was a self-doubting drunk at the time. Definately not in time for the Vulcan scot ship to have seen him break warp in his ship. Then they would not have stopped and made contact with Earth. This is the even that led to the man going into space and the formation of the federation.

Good Job JJ. You KILLED the whole Trek Universe. (Gamer Note: How many Experience Points would THAT be worth?)

I probably think about things like this way too much...


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Pfft....the borg wont be able to resist all this nice, rich plot hole in our them lots of elbow room!

Because resistance is futile?

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